September 21, 2021

Women Are Just Cars in High Heels…

Well actually, they're more like high end sports cars. Ferrari’s, to be precise.

Well to be exact, women are more like high end sports cars.

So let’s just say women are Ferrari’s. Or, to be specific, that is their intrinsic nature.

You see women and Ferraris have a lot in common. They like to be admired. They often love to be the center of attention. Men love to stare at them. Not to mention the upkeep on them can be QUITE EXPENSIVE.

But that’s not the only thing that is similar between these two.

Because a Ferrari is built for speed. It’s a high performance piece of machinery. By it’s design and it’s very nature it wants to go fast, it’s begging to go fast. Except that it faces one small dilemma….

It can only go as fast as you are capable of driving it.

Yes, that beautiful italian beast can only reach its potential under a skilled driver. Someone who knows how to push it to its limits. Someone that knows when to grip the wheel, and when to apply the brakes. When to hit the gas, and when to coast through a curve.

And women are no different.

Most men will tell me that one of their greatest fantasies is to fuck a pornstar or a stripper. As if these women were the ultimate height of sexual fulfillment. The silicone Mount Kilimanjaro, the glossy Mount Everest, the K2 of curvaceousness.

And then they are a little shocked and dismayed when I retort….

“They are all the same”.

“Blasphemy”, they cry!!!! “How can that be”?

It’s because you’re capable of creating that type of experience with almost ANY WOMAN!

But you need to DRIVE the interaction.

The most ravenous, tigress of a woman stripper, will only be able to raise herself to the ability that YOU RAISE HER TO.

If you’re a lame, lazy lay……she’s going to be.

A stripper who’s a lame, lazy lay.

You need to be the leader of the interaction. It’s up to you, as a man, to CREATE the magic in the bedroom.

How do you do that?


Just like in dancing, there is a leader, and there is a follower.

In the bedroom it’s no different. You need to lead, and lead with authority, if she is going to be able to relax, trust you, and follow.


You’re DOING things. You do things, and then you pay attention, you calibrate, you adjust.

You’re not ASKING.

You’re DOING, then calibrating.

Women want to be TAKEN

But they want to be taken “SKILLFULLY”

She doesn’t want to have to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.

She wants you to “KNOW”

That’s why you pay attention to the “cues”, you calibrate, you adjust on the fly.


Actions speak louder than words. In the bedroom they are the only thing you can hear.

If YOU are timid, she’ll be timid.

If YOU act crazy, she’ll let her hair down and be crazy too.

If YOU are down to try anything, you increase the odds that she is too.

Remember, you are the driver.

Drive her like a Ferrari.

Don’t drive around the block in a Hyundai.