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I’m Erik Everhard, porn star turned author and elite sexual skills coach for men.
After over 20 years in the industry, and lots of research, I’m sharing my proven techniques with men who want to level up their sex life.

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UNLEASH YOUR SEXUAL SUPERPOWERS My new book, “Unleash Your Sexual Superpowers”,
is my comprehensive guide of all the skills, strategies,
and psychological biohacks you need in your sex life…

I’m a big fan of Erik’s and follow him on social media. I came to him once I saw that he was willing to give advice, not many people are willing to be open minded like that. My biggest takeaway was always believe in yourself and be aware of the woman’s body and her reactions. As a result I was able to make my girl squirt and was able to fuck her in public without the fear overtaking me.

Daniel S,

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