Teaching entrepreneurs & executives how to master the bedroom like they dominate the boardroom.

Get Hard And Conquer

3 Methods to Get Hard, Create Orgasm, and Cure the Dead Bedroom.

Nothing makes you feel like a failure more than being unable to satisfy your lover in the bedroom.

Nothing destroys your relationship quicker than being unable to satisfy your lover in the bedroom.

Inside this free course you will learn…

  • That you have two different erection pathways and how to engage both of them so that you never have to worry about getting it up ever again.
  • To expand your mind when you see just what’s possible when you engage my positive feedback loops (hint, it just might involve something live in a public square).
  • The reason that you’re not creating orgasms in the bedroom and the specific way this position needs to be performed for maximal clitoral contact.

It’s time to end the constant misery of underperforming in bed and leaving your partner high and dry. Start becoming the man that she desires today!

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Master the bedroom

Everhard Academy

One doesn't work in the adult industry for over two decades without mastering the art and techniques of sexual pleasure. I’m sharing those skills so that now YOU can satisfy women in ways you never thought possible.


The revolutionary course for men that want to get hard without it being hard. This is the cornerstone of sexual mastery.


A pornstars guide to clitoral mastery. For men who want to get girls off, at will, everytime.


My flagship 1-on-1 coaching program for men who want the sexual confidence that comes from mastering the bedroom.

I Am Erik Everhard

Professional porn star turned author and elite sexual skills coach for men.

I teach entrepreneurs and business owners elite level sexual skills so they can dominate the boardroom by day and the bedroom by night. After 23 years as one of the top male performers in the industry, I’m finally sharing my proven techniques with men that are ready to take their sexual life to the next level.

Erik Everhard
Erik Everhard
Author and Men’s coach

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My coaching teaches you practical, tactical, real world techniques that I’ve used and perfected on thousands of women. The goal is to align your mind, your body, and your kink so that you are never left feeling inadequate.

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Just wanted to say thanks to Erik for helping me out with some things I was struggling with and getting hung up on with my sex life. He made a few simple recommendations that hit the nail on the head and got me past what I’ve been running into. I’m grateful that he’s sharing his knowledge and expertise here in this group. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow here with you guys and have a phenomenal sex life!

Jack S.
From the Official Erik Everhard Facebook Group