That’s right.

It’s not your fault. At least not yet.


The reason she hates anal is because whoever it was BEFORE YOU, did it poorly.

Buttholes are sensitive little creatures, and without the proper investment of time, patience, and lubricant, things aren’t going to go well.

You see, the average guy isn’t thinking about what he’s doing. He has no plan to implement. His only thought is, “Get it in fast and start stroking”. 

He doesn’t understand there is a process. He’s worried about losing his hardon. 

Because he didn’t have a plan, he’s got no lube.

So here we have a guy, with no lube, trying to shove his dick in dry into an asshole, needing to stroke fast to obtain or create an erection…….

And you wonder why she doesn’t want to try with you?

But there’s hope!!!!

You just have to give her something she can trust, something that won’t hurt.

Something that makes her feel it will all be ok.

And that “something”….


Just one small finger LIBERALLY COATED IN LUBE. That’s going to be your gateway drug. Because one small finger, when used correctly, can slowly start to stretch the ass. When you penetrate only up until you feel some resistance, and then leave the finger there for her ass to get used to it…. She’ll come to understand that:

  1. Anal penetration can happen without pain.
  1. That you’re not going to just ram your dick in, that you actually intend for the experience to not be painful.

Then you can actually begin the process of opening. 1 finger can slowly become 2, and 2 fingers can become 3.

By consistently only penetrating up to the resistance point, and no further, you allow for her body to stretch and become used to what’s happening. It’s a version of 2 steps forward 1 step back. You push…..then you pause, then you push…..then you pause.

And in no time at all.

You’re suddenly not like everyone else.

Instead you’re the KING.

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