Is this an astronomy lesson?


But it is a good way to illustrate the two sexes when it comes to the act of having sex.

Now the earth, it’s pretty fucking important, right? We need it to live, survive, basically do everything that we do.

But do you know what’s more important?

The Sun.

Because without the Sun, there would be no Earth.

And you’ll notice that the Earth REVOLVES AROUND THE SUN! There is a hierarchy of importance. Without the Earth, the sun goes on about it’s merry day. But no Sun….and Earth just ain’t happening.

Well once you get naked, throw caution to the wind, and jump in the sack with some young lady, a hierarchy of importance rears its ugly head. You see, once you have two willing participants, there because a very real, very unequal split as to whom is responsible for the sex taking place.

Because you my friend….are the Sun.

Ok, ok, ok, enough already you say! No more analogies!

Well to be blunt. You are the sole person responsible for the “ACT” of sex taking place. 

She can spit, she can lube herself up, and she’s READY TO GO! But it doesn’t matter how ready she is.

If you are not.

Yes kid’s that’s right. It absolutely does not matter if she wants to tear you apart like a tigress in heat. It doesn’t matter that she wants to have 3 babies from you. It doesn’t matter that her vagina is gushing like Niagara Falls just waiting to pounce on you.

If you can’t get it up….nothing is happening.




Without that little soldier standing at the ready to fight on the front lines. There are no front lines.

There just isn’t anything.

Ok maybe netflix.

But no netflix…..and chill.

So realize just how important you are to the whole equation. Realize that with great power, comes great responsibility. 

And it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get it up.

Not hers. 

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