My new book, “Unleash Your Sexual Superpowers”, is my comprehensive guide of all the skills, strategies, and psychological biohacks you need in your sex life.

by Erik Everhard

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I found Erik through his porn, I always noticed that any scene he was in was always a solid one that the girl genuinely looked into, (unlike a lot of other porn). I came to Erik because I felt like I was pretty inexperienced with sex and a bit clueless as to what are actual proven skills that work to improve sex and sex life in general. I wanted to learn from the best experienced guy and not some academic who’s not got any real world experience. The biggest thing I learned from Erik is that a huge amount of what makes you good at sex happens outside the bedroom. Things like a clean diet, being fit and strong, having a clear mind through meditation etc, all contribute massively to experience in the bedroom. Along with that though I also learned practical, no nonsense actions I can take in the bedroom to improve my game too. Following coaching with Erik, whilst Covid lockdown has impacted my ability to hook up with anyone, I have noticed better erections, I feel more confident that I have a plan next time I have sex and that I have a much better chance of getting a girl off and making the experience better for her so that she’s likely to come back for more!
Matt E.

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