My name is Erik Everhard, I’m an Author and Men’s coach. My specialty is helping men by teaching them elite level sexual skills so they can have confidence with women.

My journey to sexual mastery has been a unique one, you see for the last 22 years I’ve been one of the top Adult film stars in the world, and that’s been no accident.

No, there were no crazy parties, there was no hedonism, from my very first scene I treated my career exactly like a professional athlete.

I spent my time learning and studying women in REAL LIFE and throughout every sexual encounter I had. I figured out the bio-hacks to my own body, out of necessity, as my job and livelihood depended on it. I discovered mental hacks to quell performance anxiety, last longer in the bedroom, secret techniques that could get women off time after time, special diet and supplementation, and more. After over 5000 women….i felt I had cracked the code.

However, after over a decade of working in the Adult industry, I felt like there was something more I was destined to do. This led eventually to me studying Neuro Linguistic Programming up in northern California.


Over the next 3 years I honed my coaching and communication skills, while shedding light on my own limiting beliefs. The process of peeling back the layers of my identity, my fears, my hopes, and my dreams was a painful but necessary one. Then, wanting to go deeper into what my ultimate purpose was, I started working with the shamanic plant medicine Ayahuasca. And this has led me down the path where you are meeting me now, a path of service where I can help you to overcome your shortcomings in the bedroom. I believe in REAL WORLD results, and my techniques, theories, and tactics have all been tested time and time again on the battlefield. I’ve used these same techniques to become the most successful Adult actor of the last 20 years. And it’s this knowledge that I want to pass on to you! So that you’ll never again be stuck in your head. You’ll never again be worried that you can’t get it up, that you won’t last long enough, that you aren’t worthy, and that you don’t know how to get her off and make her worship the ground you walk on. No. Instead you’ll have that deep inner confidence of a man who knows how to please a woman. The kind of man that has ultimate power, because he’s attained complete mastery of his penis and his sex life. So? Which guy do you want to be? Join me and let me help take your skills to the next level, so that you too can unleash your sexual superpowers.

Just wanted to say thanks to Erik Everhard for helping me out with some things I was struggling with and getting hung up on with my sex life. He made a few simple recommendations that hit the nail on the head and got me past what i’ve been running into. I’m grateful that he’s sharing his knowledge and expertise here in this group. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow here with you guys and have a phenomenal sex life!

Jack S.

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